Square Vinyl Plastic Caps


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Square Vinyl Plastic Caps


Square Rubber Caps
MOCAP Square Rubber Bungs
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Durable
  • Stretches for a Snug Fit but Won't Split, Tear or Shred

AS – Product Media

Square Plastic End Caps Square Rubber Bungs Square Protective Masking Caps Square Rubber Caps Square Vinyl Plastic Caps - Square Rubber Bungs

Size Chart


AS Size Chart

Default Part # Description Product Range Inside Width
Min Inside Length
Max Inside Length
Wall Thickness
Stocked Length
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1 AS10.7S UK [AS] 10.7MM X ?MM AS 10.7 6.4 12.7 1.5 Sample
2 AS12.7S UK [AS] 12.7MM X ?MM AS 12.7 6.4 150.0 1.5 Sample
3 AS15.6S UK [AS] 15.6MM X ?MM AS 15.6 6.4 40.0 1.5 Sample
4 AS19.0S UK [AS] 19.0MM X ?MM AS 19.0 6.4 225.0 1.5 Sample
5 AS25.4S UK [AS] 25.4MM X ?MM AS 25.4 6.4 120.0 1.5 Sample
6 AS31.8S UK [AS] 31.8MM X ?MM AS 31.8 6.4 88.9 1.7 Sample
7 AS44.5S UK [AS] 44.5MM X ?MM AS 44.5 6.4 76.2 1.7 Sample
8 AS50.8S UK [AS] 50.8MM X ?MM AS 50.8 6.4 88.9 1.7 Sample
9 AS59.0S UK [AS] 59.0MM X ?MM AS 59.0 6.4 101.6 1.7 Sample
10 AS100.0S UK [AS] 100.0MM X ?MM AS 100.0 6.4 60.0 1.7 Sample
Wall thickness is measured approx. 6.35mm (.25 inch) from open end. Wall thickness increases slightly towards the closed end of the part
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Square Vinyl Plastic Caps - Information

MOCAP Square Vinyl Plastic Caps are tough yet flexible. These square plastic caps stretch just enough for a perfect fit on square tubing and other square shapes. These square caps are designed for product protection or quality finishing to square parts. Available in a wide range of square sizes.

  • Durable and Flexible
  • Sizes to Fit from 10.7mm (0.420") to 100.0mm (3.93") Square
  • Manufactured to Order, to your required Internal Length
  • Many Colour Options
MOCAP square vinyl plastic caps are available in most sizes to fit your application.


Square Vinyl Plastic Caps - Square Rubber Bungs
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