Round Vinyl Hanger Caps

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Round Vinyl Hanger Caps


Hanger tip with hook
Round Vinyl Hanger Caps

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Round Vinyl Hanger Caps Round Vinyl Handle with Hanger Slot Plastic Hanger Cap Plastic Cap with Hanger on End Hanger tip with hook Caps with Flexible Rubber Hanger Round End-Cap Hanger Attachment
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Durable
  • Stretches for a Snug Fit but Won't Split, Tear or Shred

Size Chart Hanger Cap


AHC Size Chart

Default Part # Inside Diameter
Min Inside Length
Max Inside Length
Wall Thickness
Stocked Length
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1 AHC13.5S 13.5 12.7 50.8 1.5 2520
2 AHC20.6S 20.6 12.7 50.8 1.5 2550
3 AHC27.0S 27.0 12.7 50.8 1.5 1045
4 AHC34.9S 34.9 12.7 50.8 1.5 1035
5 AHC41.3S 41.3 12.7 50.8 1.5 560
6 AHC44.5S 44.5 12.7 50.8 1.5 560
7 AHC50.8S 50.8 12.7 50.8 1.5 525
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Wall thickness is measured approx. 6.35mm (.25 inch) from open end. Wall thickness increases slightly towards the closed end of the part

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Round Vinyl Hanger Caps - Information

MOCAP Vinyl Plastic Hanger Caps are tough yet flexible. The body of the hanger cap stretches just enough to apply, yet provide a strong hold and tight fit. Unlike our other plastic caps, Vinyl hanger plastic caps include a durable moulded hanger at end.

  • Flexible yet Strong
  • Sizes to Fit 13.5mm through 50.8mm Diameters
  • Many Colour Options
​ Most stock sizes are available in Mini-Packs when Smaller Quantities are Needed. To place an order for this product, call 0800 856 2466 or use our Contact Request Form to receive information by e-mail.


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